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Feeding the 5000...

...And my first week teaching

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Well this was my first week teaching and I was very nervous!! Luckily everything went smoothly. :-) The only incident in the class was on Tuesday night during my last class when we all got attacked by a MASSIVE daddylonglegs!! Evil creature!! The three pupils, including the two guys, and of course myself, got vey freaked out by it. Surprisingly, it was the girl who offered to kill the stupid creature. And it was stupid as it kept head butting the door!! :-P

Caroline and Desmond spoke to me on Friday about how they thought I was doing and they are very impressed with me. Yay!! *WARNING!! BIG HEAD ALERT!!* They said I am mangaing really well and have done amazingly at keeping the classes under control. because even they and some of the other teachers have had problems controlling some of them!! Also, I have introduced a star chat to them which they all love, including the secondary classes who demanded to have one :-P

This week I haven't gone out as much as I have been teaching and planning, but I did manage to escape into Badajoz Tuesday morning. I was set with the task of going to the Police Station by myself to collect my Residence Card thingy, then I had to go to the bank by myself to pay, then back to the Police Station. When I returned to the Police Station after visiting the bank, a nice lady did her best to speak to me and inform me where the back of the queue I needed was. Unfortunately, I managed to really annoy her, without realising or meaning to. I was sitting in the queue, and the lady who had seen to me before saw that I had come back and summoned me to the front of the queue as I merely had to get my card, which took no longer than a minute. This other lady who was in the queue in front of me hadn't seen that I had been summoned so thought I had queue jumped and had a go at me!! Oopsie. Afterwards I explored Badajoz by myself, and brought a Spanish sim card and found my way back to the church by myself!! :-) And I didn't get lost!!! Yay! (But I did have a map :-) )

Friday I met Johana by the church, she is 20 years old and is living by herself in her parents house, as her family had to move and she had to stay in Badajoz because of her education. So she is looking for a room mate and wants me! No idea why :-P So I had a look at the flat and its really nice. She has two dogs, and they kept demanding to sit on my lap hehe. So I will be moving in with her next Friday. I was amazed at how cheap it is!! Johana and her family are part of the church that Caroline and Desmond set up. They also set up another one about 45 minutes away, which is where Johana's family have gone as her parents have taken over running the second church.

Friday evening I had my first private tutor session. :-) It went well. I was hired by an adult to just sit and talk with her in English for 1 hour. Nice and easy :-) I then chillaxed and watched Freedom Writers. Love that movie so much!! WATCH IT :-P

Saturday I went food shopping with Caroline and managed to top up my mobile by myself. I then had friends round for a pool party in the afternoon. My 'friend' Yurani decided to push me, fully clothed, into the pool!! It was soooo funny :-) So to get my own back, I filled a 2 litre bottle with water and chucked it over the seven guests. Hehe!! :-) Then it was the Youth Reunion group thing at the church, which was really good. I actually spoke some Spanish, with help from the translator on my phone, and from Geraldine or can speak a little bit of Spanish. And I read Spanish from the Bible :-)

Today, Sunday, I didn't end up going to church as I stayed in and got the roast dinner ready. Caroline and Desmond had invited a family of six over for lunch, and asked me to cook a traditional English Roast dinner. It was the first time the family had had Roast Dinner. Two of their children couldn't come, so I cooked for seven of us in total, and they loved it!! I did burn the yorkshire puddings, but I had made Stuffing from scratch. Also, on Saturday I had made the amazing Cookie and Cream chocolate brownies, which got wolfed down by anyone who tried them. :-) Apparently I am now going to be 'invited' by loads of people to cook for them!! Eeeeeeek :-S

One of the young people, Richard, who I had met at History Makers, has been given an amazing opportunity to attend YWAM. YWAM is a Missionary training programme, and that is what Richard realised was his calling from God. The people from the church have been amazing and have pledged money each month to pay for Richard to go. :-) Another guy from History Makers, Miguel, has also had help from his church and is able to go to. So the young people of the church had a party for Richard this afternoon, which I went to after the roast. I tried to steal Santiago's tortise but wouldn't let me. :-( We even had a pretend fight for it hehe.

Oooooo the fruit and veg here is mahoooosive!!! Seriously. One pepper is the size of my face!!!! :-O I have photographic evidence :-)

Oh, when I cooked the roast, I did so much that there was enough left over for the family to take home for another meal for the six of them, and for us to have it with a guest tonight and for lunch tomorrow!!!

I met a missionary from Argentina today. He has had a calling from God to come and do missionary work in Spain, so he is spending some time here and trying to find exactly where in Spain God wants him. So he joined us for tea tonight.

I think that's all, but knowing me I've forgotten something. If I have you'll find out in my next post... that's if I actually remember!! :-)


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How to open a bottle of wine Spanish style... or not :-P

And of course, my first day of teaching

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I thought I would write tonight as today was my first ever day teaching!! Scary stuff. Also, I have to share the best way EVER to open a bottle of wine :-)

Oh, I forgot to say in my last post that after Sunday lunch, when I got back at 9.30pm, I didn't have a key, and Caroline and Desmond were out walking. :-S Luckily for me, the back gate hadn't shut properly so I was able to get into the garden but no further. And my phone battery was about to die!! I had just enough time to ring Desmond and say that I was in the back garden before my phone was in dire need of a burial :-P So i decided to wait for their return by dipping my feet in the pool and reading a book by moonlight. :-) I'm not having much luck with keys at the moment. I didn't have keys on me as the ones they did give me didn't work. Oopsie :-S

Anyway, today I had my first lessons and I was soooooo nervous. I was meant to have 5 lessons, but the last two classes, having only two people in each, didn't happen so I managed to get some more planning done. :-) The classes went quite well. Luckily the children didn't struggle too much with not being allowed to speak Spanish, and they really took to my Star Chart. Some of them did try and misbehave a bit by talking too much, but they werent too bad. Nothing eventful happened, which I'm very grateful for. Looking foward to tomorrows classes, but a bit nervous still as they are different levels to todays classes, so again, a whole new experience.

Now for the lesson on 'How to open a bottle of wine, Spanish style.... or not'!!!

Caroline wanted to celebrate my first day of lessons with me, so she decided to open a bottle of red wine. However, normally Desmond opens the wine, so she struggled with the cork screw. I of course came to the rescue, but then wasn't needed as she managed to work it out. However, when pulling the cork out, it snapped in half. :-S Not too bad really, but there's more. Caroline then handed me the cork screw and asked me to try and get the rest out. So I tried... and failed miserably!! Every time I tried to shove the cork screw into the cork, the cork moved further and further down the neck of the bottle. Again, not too bad, but it stopped any wine coming out, which of course is a major disaster!! :-P So we decided to just shove the cork all the way down to get to the wine. Well, the cork screw only pushed it so far, so I came up with the ingenious idea of using a sharp knife to push it further. I did succeed in pushing the cork into the bottle, but in doing so, I created a fountain of wine, and showered Caroline, myself and the kitchen in red wine!! That isn't all. After some mopping up, I poured the cork flavoured wine into our glasses, and extracted the pieces of cork from them. What I didn't realise was that the whole time of pouring the wine, I had dropped the knife into the bottle!! So we had cork flavoured sharp wine!! Hehe. Caroline and myself were in hysterics. To get the knife out, we had to pour the whole bottle into a bowl, then the wine in the bowl into a jug, as the bottle still had cork in it!! At least it no longer had a knife in it!!

So there is your lesson on the best way to open wine. :-)


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My first week in Spain!!

How I came to move to Spain, and my first week here

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Wow! Moving to Spain has happened so quickly. I went on an amazing Christian leadership course in Villagonzalo, Spain about 3 weeks ago now. The course, called History Makers was fantastic!! I met so many inspiring people, and it definately brought me closer to God. While on the course, I met a lovely couple who were two facilitators, Caroline and Desmond Bellew. I spoke to them briefly, and merely said I had graduated in English and was now looking for a job. A few hours late, at the beginning of our afternoon break, the one after the Siesta :-), Desmond approached me and asked if he and his wife could talk to me. Of course I said yes, but I immediately started panicking, thinking 'Uh oh. What have I done now?!' However, instead of telling me off, they offered me a job!! It was completely out of the blue and a fantastic opportunity. Caroline and Desmond have lived in Badajoz for 28 years, and they are British missionaries. While living here, they have set up two churches and started their own academy teaching the Spanish English. This is my new job, to teach English. :-) Yes, I need to be able to speak it properly first!! :-P So after much thought, discussion, and prayer, I accepted. This all happened in two weeks!!!

So now I have been in Spain for one week and I've loved every minute (except the stupidly early flight!!). Monday I landed in Lisbon, and on the way to Badajoz, we stopped off in Portugal and I had proper Portuguese pastries. They were delicious :-) In the afternoon I had a swim, because there is a swimming pool in the garden!! :-) I'm currently staying with Caroline and Desmond. Then in the evening, I went to the church with Desmond and met some of the members. All of them were really friendly, and tried their best to speak English, and to teach me some Spanish. Tuesday was fun. I relaxed a bit, and looked around the school. In the evening, I went back to the church with Caroline and Desmond for the church service. Every week the church has a service on a Tuesday and a Sunday. It was very interesting, and luckily, Caroline translated for me. Also at the service, they had a little party for Carlos who left for Lebanon on Saturday as he is a solider. Proper Spanish paella mmmmmmmmmmm........ Then some of the young people, most of whom I had met at History Makers, talk me for a walk around Badajoz. We left the church at 11pm, and I didn't get back till 2.30pm. Caroline and Desmond had given me a key, but I was a wally and couldn't open the door, so I had to ring the bell and wake Desmond up!! Oopsie :-S Wednesday, Desmond took me around Badajoz to set up a Spanish bank account, and to register that I'm living in Spain. Wednesday evening was Paula's 30th birthday and her family had arranged a family meal to celebrate, and Caroline, Desmond and myself were invited. It was really good fun, and I felt really touched to be invited to a family party. I had met Paula and her husband at History Makers. Thursday I had to get up for 10am in order to spend the morning going through the books I would be using, and the classes I would be teaching. That took all morning, then it was SIESTA time!! I'm definately getting into the Spanish way of life :-) Thursday evening was back to the church for their cell groups. It was pretty interesting, though as it was all in Spanish I couldn't understand much, but I did manage to make out a few sentences. Everyone was impressed. yay! :-) Friday I spent the whole day planning my lessons and making a star chart for the younger classes. The books I use are really good :-) Friday is Desmond and Caroline's day off, so nothing had been planned. However, in the evening I got to meet Eli who I met at History Makers!! It was really good to see her and catch up. She didn't know I was in Spain so I got to surprise her :-) Afterwards, Caroline and Desmond had a church meeting in their house, so I decided to catch up om some British tv. :-) Surprisingly, I was invited to a BBQ, that didn't start till 10pm. Caroline and Desmond didn't go, so I went by myself, well with Gloria and Carlos, but I was the only English-speaking person. The BBQ was hosted by one of the cell groups at the church. It was really good fun, and everyone was friendly. I learnt more Spanish, and taught some English, but then it started getting confusing when I was taught some Colombian, and I taught a bit of German. It was really funny. Towards the end, the host and his wife played Flamenco music and sang and danced Flamenco. It was amazing, and I've been challenged to learn it well before I go!! Not sure if that will happen haha. Saturday I slept in, yay!! and had a swim :-) I helped to plan the youth group with Caroline, then went to it. It was good, and they loved doing the drama Caroline and myself had planned. I was then invited to go with the young people back to Geraldine's house to watch a film. Of course, the film was the mighty SMURFS!!! :-) I was gutted though cos it stopped working part way through :-( I'm definately going to have to find it online asap!! So we ended up playing Spoons, but surprisingly it didn't get violent!! GB Lincoln girls are obviously more competitive and vicious hehe :-P Sunday was Church!! Again, Caroline kindly translated for me. It was fairly long, lasting about two hours in total!! About half that time was spent singing and praying. It was really good, and interesting to witness Spanish worship. Afterwards, I was saying goodbye to Andrea and Victor, who I also met at History Makers, and some how, due to bad Spanish and English, I invited myself/was invited to lunch in the countryside with Andrea, Victor and their family. On the way something happened, no idea what as I don't speak Spanish very well, but they had to go home and I was dropped off at Richard's house. Again I had met Richard at History Makers. I then went with Richard and his family to the house we had the BBQ at for lunch and ended up spending the whole day there. Again, I was the only non-Spanish speaker, but it worked out well, with some acting and SPanish/English lessons. I taught Nellie, Richard's sister, the card game Speed, and she loved it. I was la campiano!! :-D

Tomorrow I start teaching. I'm getting very nervous now, but hopefully it will go ok. :-S Sure I will be fine once I get started. Also, I will be teaching some of the young people I know from the church, so that makes me a bit more nervous as I know them!!

Everyone has been lovely, and I have had so many invites to things and I have been given presents already!! :-)

BTW, the weather is amazing!! It hasn't rained once, and the coldest it has got is about 27 degrees, and thats at midnight!! The hottest so far is about 42 degrees!! :-)

Hope everyone who reads this is well. Come visit me soon!! If you want to get in touch with me, email me, Skype me or Facebook me :-)


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