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No room at the inn......There's only FIVE bathrooms! :)

sunny 20 °C

So I have fully moved into my new house. I now live with a Spanish family, whose three children go to the academy, and I teach two of them. It's really nice here. The house is massive!! There are five bathrooms, five bedrooms, two kitchens and dining rooms, a massive garage and a massive kids playroom, a living room and a swimming pool! It's gorgeous. The family are really lovely and I feel at home here. I've been back at work for just over a week, and it's going well. The kids were a bit rowdy last week as it was the first week back after Christmas, but they are settling down now.

Church is going really well. On Friday, two people, Henry and Luzdenia, were inaugarated as Pastors of the church in La Rocca de Sierra. :-) It was really great, and they were so moved. They are lovely people. This weekend, we also had visitors from a church we are linked to in Ghandia, Valencia. Daniel Chumurro and his wife, the youth worker Christian and his wife Raquel and their daughter Paula, and two youths Carlojan and Christian, all came for the weekend. They led three services, one on Friday, Saturday for the youth, and Sunday. Daniel and his wife also did two workshops. One on being a servant leader, and one on worship. It was really good. Christian, Raquel, Carlojan and Christian led the youth service Saturday evening. All the youth were so moved and several gave their lives to Christ. It was a such a great weekend.

My Spanish is improving. Finally! :-) I'm getting better at understanding what people say, and I even managed to have a long conversation in Spanish, without any help!! Very proud of myself. Haha :-)

I'm really happy and content. Everything is going so well, and that's all thanks to God. I do miss the UK and certain people though. :-(

The weather is pretty good. The wind was cold today, but otherwise it's always sunny. :-) Normally at least 20 degrees in the day. Yay! :-)

One of my students, who I teach one on one is pregnant!! So happy for her. Her and her partner are so lovely and are very excited about the baby. I saw the scan, and saw it's little nose and arms. It was soooo cute. :-)

I hope everyone is well.

God bless. xxxx

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Christmas at home!

sunny 16 °C

So I got to spend Christmas and New Years at home and I loved it. I'd been missing everyone so was really good to see everyone and catch up. I did miss Spain though.

Christmas was great, I got to spend it with my family, though not with my sister Rachel as she was selfishly in Thailand for Christmas! :-P (Hehe joking Rach :-P) It was weird without Rach, but was still a good day. I cooked the christmas dinner, and we had a yummy four bird roast. Mmmmmmm :-)

While I was home for the two weeks, I was in a lot of demand. So popular I know. :-P I got to see everyone...I think. I went to Lincoln for a couple of days and had a great girlie catch up with Rebecca. I also got to Snotty, Sam and Deanie and of course my lovely Claire and Thorpo and others. It was a really good trip. Enjoyed it a lot. Also got to go to Gosport while I was back and saw my Grandparents and my Aunty Angela. I got a toy car in the cracker and it turned out to be a good omen! :-)

I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!!!!! So excited. Finally passed it. So people better beware hehehe.

I also got my hair re-dyed and my long awaited new tattoo! :-)

I did loads these past two weeks and it was so good. I of course went on a shopping spree hehe.

I'm know writing this from gorgeous Lisbon where I have spent the day, and I will go to Badajoz tomorrow.

I'm really going to miss some people a lot, of course :-)

Sure I should have more to say...... So forgetful.

It has been a great couple of weeks. I am looking forward to going back to Spain as love it there too. Need to find a way to be in two places at once. :-P


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It's almost christmas!!


Last weekend was very tiring. The youth went to the church on Friday evening, and we stayed up all night worshipping God. It was great. We sung, prayed, talked, read the Bible. It was a great night. Afterwards we celebrated with churros. Yum yum.

These past two weeks I've been getting ready for Christmas and working. Done all my xmas shopping, which has been fun. :-) Surprisingly the shops weren't too bad compared to the UK. I was able to walk around without getting trampled. :-)

Work has been going well. I decorated my classroom, so it looks all Christmassy. And in some of my classes we have been watching Christmas song videos and Muppet Christmas Carol. Hehe. It's been fun.

This weekend I went to Portugal on Saturday. I went to Monsaraz with my friends Holly and Abraham. It was gorgeous. Monsaraz is on the top of a hill and the view was amazing. It was such a great day for it. The village had their nativity scene up all aroung the village. It was great. There were statues from the nativity everywhere, including Mary and Joseph on the donkey. It was pretty awesome.

This week was Mi Esperanza. Mi Esperanza is a huge Billy Graham Christian event where people invited friends and family, mainly non-christians, into their house to learn about God and to ask questions. It went really well. Several people gave their lives to God.

I've also done a presentation for Caroline and Desmond for the church they are linked with in the UK. It's all about their church here in Spain. And it's pretty darn good. :-P

I'm looking forward to coming home for Christmas. Will be really good to see everyone, though my sister has gone to Thailand fo Christmas so won't see her. :-( How awesome is that tho, xmas in Thailand. :-) I will miss people here though while I'm gone.

But..... ENGLAND HERE I COME!! hehehehe :-D


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Summer!! :-D

sunny 30 °C

So haven't written for a while, been nice and busy. The only problem with waiting a while to write, is that I can't remember everything I've done! :-S But I will do my best.... :-D

Ok, so three Sundays ago there were baptisms at church!! It was amazing. Five people were baptised that day, four of them from the Badajoz church and one from the sister church in La Roca. The testimonies were so passionate. They baptise slightly differently here than NPBC. Here, anyone can baptise you. The pastor says the words and asks you the question, but you can choose who you want to dunk you. It was very touching, as they all got dunked by their family.

After the baptism I went for lunch with a Spanish family, who I am moving in with after Christmas. They are a lovely family who have three children, all of whom go to the academy. I teach two of the kids. Their house is mahoosive!! And I'm not kidding. Five bathrooms! Five bedrooms! Two kitchens, two dining rooms, a massive playroom, a massive garage, a swimming pool. It's ginormous!! :-D

Las weekend, on the Sunday, the youth took the whole service at church. Yurani and Ruth preached on Faith, and it was really good. Some lead the worship, others did a drama (all thanks to Steve Wood from NPBC, not that he knew it at the time :-P). Nely and I did the offering, and I prayed in English, which confused everyone hehe. I also did the food, as they sell food every week. I made chocolate brownies. The service went really well, and I was so proud of all of them. It was a great achievement, first time they have ever done it.

This week I was poorly, but luckily Caroline and Desmond looked after me. :-) At the weekend, I went to Caceres for the Extremadura Christian Youth weekend. It was amazing!! So many youth gave their lives to Christ. It was a very emotional weekend. for me and for everyone who went. I stayed at the YWAM house, where two of my friends are doing their YWAM course. They are training to be missionaries. They have their practical missionary training soon, but unfortuantely Richard doesn't have any funding to complete this part, so please pray that he will get the funding he needs. One of my good friends, Madeleine also needs praying for, as she needs funding to go back home to Africa to do God's work, and to see her daughter. There was a football match against YWAM and Merida church, and YWAM won!! Woop woop!

I am currently in the middle of 10 days off work, all thanks to Spanish festivos!! Man, I love Spanish holidays!! Hehe

Today has literally been summer!! It's been 30 degrees all day, and I went for a lovely bike ride in the countryside. :-) Spanish winters are awesome!! Though I hear there is snow in some of England, and I really want snow!! Hope it snows while I'm back in the UK.

I am really loving Spain so much, but do miss the UK.

I think that is everything, but no doubt I'm forgetting something. :-P

If I remember I will do another blog, and I'll make sure I don't leave it as long any more so I don't forget hehehe.

Love you all.


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Amsterdam Baby!!!

semi-overcast 23 °C

So I have two weeks of blogging for you lucky people. :-)

Last week was good. I had a FIVE DAY WEEKEND!! It was amazing. I got to chillax on the Monday morning, then I stayed at Nely's in the evening as Tuesday was Tania's (Nely's mums) birthday. I got invited to go with them and some others from church for a picnic in the country. It was a really nice day. Luckily it didn't start to rain till when we were leaving. As we were leaving one person was trying to queue jump in their car, and ended up getting their car stuck in a big muddy dip. Loads of people went to help, but the car wouldn't budge, so they ended up having to ring for help. See, you shouldn't queue jump hehe.

Wednesday and Thursday I was back at work, which went pretty well. Then the weekend brought........ AMSTERDAM!!!! Amsterdam was amazing!!! Loved every minute, well not the travelling. :-P It took me SIXTEEN HOURS to get there, and eight hours to get back. I was pretty much a zombie for the whole weekend as I had no more than 10 hours sleep from Thursday to Sunday, but it was worth it!

My journey started at 2am on Friday morning, as that was the only coach I could get to Lisbon. I was the only person on the coach for the whole journey, and it had really comfy red leather seats. :-) When I got to the coach station in Lisbon, which was pretty gorgeous, and got a taxi to the airport. I then had to wait for 6 hours, yes 6 hours, in the airport. That was soooooo fun. Actually, I did get some entertainment. Hehe. While I was sitting in the airport for a billion hours, I was near the escalators for trolleys. Someone went up it with a very full, and precariously packed trolley. At the top, all the suitcases decided to full off, causing the trolley and the man to fall over the pile. Then everyone behind him fell into him. It was a trolley jam. Hehe. Was really funny to watch. While there, I started to really crave a full English breakfast, trust me, but no where in the main part sold them. :-( After I was finally able to check in, I went to the departure lounge, and what did I find? A full English breakfast. Mmmmm. But I decided to wander round a bit first and found a Harrods cafe. Double mmmmmm. But I still carried on looking and finally found the perfect breakfast. Pizza Hut!!

I realised while in the airport, that no sleep is an excellent cure to my shopping addiction. I walked past everything with barely a glance. All I was thinking was I need a bed NOW!! :-P

Oooo going through security was fun. I set off the security detector thingy and had to get patted down. The lady couldn't find anything, so had to use that handheld thing and it beeped at me. Guess what set it of....... My BRA!! Was really funny. Couldn't stop laughing for ages.

Finally managed to get some sleep on the plane. Yay!! But was rudely awoken after about an hour by evil turbulence. It was actually pretty bad, everyone got thrown around in their seats, and the woman next to me would have hit her head on the seat in front of her if she hadn't put her hands up in time. Luckily it didn't last too long. :-) The woman next to me was French but I did actually manage to have a conversation with her, using my really bad French.

Got to Barcelona and had to wait for 3 hours, so not as bad, but I did get swept up with shopping. :-( Didn't spend too much, which was good. Barcelona airport is quite nice, but boring for three hours, especially when tired. I was such a numpty, I almost missed my plane to Amsterdam. :-S I looked at the departure board and saw it said flight 3.30pm, and thought that meant boarding at 3.30pm, not leaving at 3.30pm. So that meant I had to run through half the terminal to get to my plane on time. Luckily I made it.

Then I finally landed in AMSTERDAM!! Woop woop!! :-D I was the first to arrive, but didn't know the arrival details of the others, so just stood at my arrival gate. Finally found Chris and Ollie, then we found Miriam and JODIE!! I was so excited to see Jo again. My best friend!! :-) Definitely the best part of the weekend. After we all met up, we managed to find our way to our hotel, which had awesome cows out the front, and dumped our stuff in our rooms. Mine, Jodie and Miriam's room had a view of the 'Eiffel Tower'. :-) We all then hit the town in such of food, and after we ate, we explored. Yes, we found the Red Light District. It was interesting, and very surreal. It was weird to see loads of girls in windows wearing only underwear and trying to sell themselves. We didn't know where to look. We had a great night tho, we found some cool bars, one was an awesome rock bar, and met some interesting and funny people. We also went to an intersting museum. The Sex Museum. It was pretty funny walking round it.

Saturday we went for breakfast and I had the biggest Danish pancake ever!! It was so yummy. :-) We then went on a daylight exploration around Amsterdam. The first stop was a Canal Cruise. It was really good. We had such a good time, and Amsterdam is so beautiful. We then went shopping. :-) Every other shop in Amsterdam is either a sex shop or a coffee shop, which doesn't actually seel coffee. :-P We had a laugh walking round. We found this really cool shop that sells novelty condoms. You can't use them, they are just for display, but they are pretty cool. You could get a ladybird or a carrot. Hehe. By the Palace we saw a street performer, who was all the way from England. He was pretty entertaining. He put his whole body through a tennis racket with a big glass ball on his head. After that, he set fire to a ball and rolled it all across his body and down his trousers. Unfortunately we ran out of time to go to the Anne Frank museum, but we still had so much fun. We also went to a Vodka Museum, which was pretty cool. There was a glass machine gun full of vodka. Mmmmm :-) In the evening we ate, then went on a night time canal cruise to see Amsterdam all lit up at night. It was sooooo beautiful. Again, we hit the Red Light District, and gave Chris his 21st birthday present, which he loved. :-)

It was such an amazing weekend. We all enjoyed every moment. It was crazy and so fun. :-) I really want to go back. :-)

I arrived in Badajoz at 12.30am Monday morning, knackered but happy. Well, a bit sad as I had to say bye to Jo. :-(

This week I mainly caught up on my sleep, which was very important. Thursday I made yummy chocolate brownies. Friday I had my first Spanish lesson that went really well. I enjoyed it. :-) Saturday was History Makers Reunion. I loved it! It was so good to see people from the last History Makers, and to meet new people. This one was only a day, but I found it so rewarding. It really challenged me in my faith and my view of myself. I found it so helpful.

Today I had a drum lesson. It was goooooood. :-) I also had a really nice lunch with Caroline and Desmond, celebrating yesterdays History Makers, and how well it went.

So all in all it's been a really good couple of weeks.

Ooooo I have more news, but I will share it with you next week as it's not fully decided yet. :-)

God bless xxx

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