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October 2011

Dance Dance

sunny 23 °C

So this week I was poorly :-( Had a mini flu virus thingy, but got over it after a few days, which was good.

The weather went all horrible and British-like. Very windy and rainy. But by Friday, it was really hot and sunny again. Back to being summer!! Yay!! :-)

Saturday I went to Caceres for the day again, as this time it was the Christian youth of Extremadura day. It was really good. About 100 youth all met up and worshipped God together. We had singing and preaching, and one of my friends from History Makers sang. She has such an amazing voice. At lunch time I went with Madeleine and Alejandra to get lunch. In the shopping centre there were loads of umbrellas on the ceiling! It was pretty cool. The food was amazing. I had this massive burger, then an ice cream for lunch. I asked for a medium yet it was massive!! Definitely bigger than any large ice cream cone in the UK!! I couldn't eat it all, so happily gave it to Andrea. In the afternoon it was competition time. There were two prizes, one for dance and one for drama. The youth of my church did a dance, and came second. It was really good and I was in it. There is a video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4errmMEaxPk&list=FLQeaBejsYC8peTSzxNh6-yg&index=2&feature=plpp_video Here is the link. :-) We came second. There were some amazing performances.

Sunday I went to church and was invited to lunch afterwards. It was very nice and interesting. I had spaghetti with chicken, boiled eggs, and CHIPS in it, and on the side was rice. It was quite nice.

I have a 5 day weekend, ending on Tuesday, and I'm loving it. So relaxed. Getting to chillax. Yay. :-)

I have seen some crazy hairstyles in Spain. Like one guy had really short hair, apart from this two tiny bits at the sides of his head, and the bits were in ponytails and one mini ponytail was longer than the other!! Very weird.

On Thursday I was invited to lunch with Holly at Abbey's house. Holly and Abbey are English and are also teachers here in Badajoz and Christians. I had lunch with Abbey's family, she has 2 young children, and her husband, as well as her younger brother who is staying with them for a while, and of course Holly. It was really nice, and I've been invited back. Aidan, Abbey's brother, cooked a lentil daal with homemade naan bread, it was very very yummy. Then we had homemade cupcakes, made by Abbey after. Also yummy. It was really nice, I had such a great time. :-)

Teaching is going well. I'm really loving it here. :-) I'm so glad God has called me to come here.

Friday was Rach's birthday! She's getting old hehe. I got to Skype her, so was very happy :-) It was weird not being with her on her birthday tho :-( I miss her and my family and friends loads. So grateful for Skype. :-) And on Friday I get to see my best friend again!! Yay!! :-D


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Dia de Mujeres

sunny 27 °C

This week has been pretty good. Not much happened during the week really. Teaching mainly. Had trouble booking my Amsterdam flights due to a stupid and incompetant website and staff!! but all sorted now yay!!

The weekend has been busier. Friday I went to Nelly's house for lunch and to give Nelly, Jeisson, Yurani and Stiven an English class. Then I had my other private tutoring session. In the evening I made jewellery with Tania, which was fun. Although I kept melting glue onto myself and getting strings of hot glue everywhere! :-P I love making jewellery, and Tania will be teaching me more techniques soon. :-)

Saturday I had to get up early :-( as it was Ladies day!! Ladies day is an annual event for the Christian ladies from the region Extremadura. 240 women attended in total from all across the region. It was such an amazing day. I had so much fun and I was so glad and grateful that I got to be a part of it. We had a talk from a very inspiring lady, luckily Caroline translated for me. During lunch I met loads of lovely people, and managed to catch up with Madeliene from History Makers. It was great. In the afternoon we had different sessions and I went to the cooking session. It was pretty good, tho the first two courses were fishy and the last course was a really weird carrot cake type thing, though it wasn't actually a cake. It was a layer of biscuits, then a layer of carrot and coconut puree, then biscuits then the puree thing etc then you but a big pan of water on top of it and left it for 2 hours, then ate it. No cooking, or fridging or anything!! I didn't try any as I don't like carrot cake, but apparently it was ok but weird. The first I didn't try as very fishy!! The second course, although fishy was yummy and the third course was scrummy :-) The other two sessions were make up and a talk. I loved the day!

In the evening it was the youth reunion and dance practice. Next Saturday, also in Caceres is the Christian youth day, which I am going to, and doing a dance to all the Christian youth of Extremadura. Bit nervous about that, but it will be good. So we were practising the dance till midnight as it was our last chance to practise. Afterwards I stayed at Yurani's house and had a good life with Yurani, Stiven and Jorge. Jorge managed to collapse a stall he was sitting on. It was so funny, we all couldn't stop laughing. :-P

Today was church, and Gloria made these amazing mince/potato fried thingys. They were delicious. She is an amazing cook, and I love trying all the different Columbian food. After church, I went back to Caroline and Desmond's for lunch, then I had an English class, followed by my drum lesson. I'm loving learning the drums, it's so fun :-)

There's another national holiday soon, so that means a 5 day weekend!!! woop woop!! Then work for two days, then AMSTERDAM!! SO excited for Amsterdam hehehehe :-D

I'm sure you will be pleased to know that the weather is getting a bit colder and windier, but still a lot nicer than England so I'm still happy!! Tis only just light jacket weather, and I'm still wearing flip flops!! Yay!! :-D


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Drop it to the beat :-P

sunny 30 °C

This week was pretty good, only had to work three evenings :-) Wednesday was a national saints day so day off yay!! I was taken to Portugal, to the nearest city called Elvas. It's gorgeous. I had such a great time. Then I was taken for food in Badajoz. Mmmmm yummy yummy in my tummy. Friday I was invited to lunch at a friends house, and I was given a handmade ring and I got to make a bracelet :-) It was a fun and relaxing afternoon. Classes went well all week, and I loved my extra day off :-)

The weekend was busier. Saturday I went shopping with Nely to get a birthday present for Caroline. I ended up picking a lovely shell necklace and some Humbugs! :-) Luckily she loved them :-D In the evening I had my first drum lesson. It was amazing. Apparently I am pretty good :-) Geraldine didn't like me because I did so well on my first lesson. One of the girls from church, Andrea, is teaching me, Geraldine and a boy called Christian drums every Saturday at the church. After the lesson it was time for youth group, and as it was Jorge's birthday we had a party. It was so funny, managed to take some funny photos. We all ended up having a mini cream fight, was hilarious. Jorge had his face shoved in a pile of cream!!

Sunday was church, which I'm really enjoying. I love the songs they sing and I'm managing to do quite well with the pronunciation :-) Afterwards I was invited to a BBQ in some place that I can't remember the name of, about 30 minutes from Badajoz, with some people from church. I had such a great time and met some great people. I learnt some new card tricks and I taught them one too. :-) I went for a wander around the area with Nely and we found some cool garden statue things. There was a funny one of too old people and a really cute one of a bumblebee. Afterwards I had another drum lesson, a private one this time with Andrea, as I can't make Saturday's lesson. Well, I say private, but I ended up having a bigger audience than the first lesson!! It made me a bit nervous but I had lots of fun. Some of the rhythms were hard but I managed to pick them up in the end. :-) It's not to hard having drum lessons in Spanish. Luckily Andrea knows some English and my Spanish is getting a bit better, but mainly I just watch her play the rhythms to work out what to do. I'm really enjoy drum lessons. (And yes mum and dad, that's a hint that when I come back I want a drum kit!! hehe :-P)

Still no luck on getting Spanish lessons as all the classes clash with when I'm working :-S So I'm thinking of either getting Rossetta Stone or looking on Amazon to see if I can find a good course. But I am picking up some Spanish so yay! :-D

Absolutely loving the weather. It's the middle of October and it's boiling!! The early mornings and late nights are a bit chilling, but nothing a light jacket won't deal with. It still reaches over 30 degrees everyday!! Can't believe it's October. Apparently it's going to be like this till maybe the middle of November. :-) YAY!!

Buenos dia xxxx

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Time to Padle!

sunny 32 °C

So this week has been fun. :-D After my struggle with the food shopping, TEN bruises appeared on my arms and shoulders. TEN!! Couldn't believe how mean shopping could be to me :-(

Work this week has been good. Enjoying it and seeing some progress in my students. Yay! :-D

Wednesday was funny. I came home only to find my key wouldn't turn in the lock in the front door!! :-S So I buzzed Johana but she didnt answer. Luckily someone in the first flat heard me struggling with the door so let me in. Turns out the lock is broken so they try not to ever shut the front door to the block of flats. Next, my key wouldn't turn in the door to the flat. So I started to panic that I was in the wrong block of flats. AGAIN! I even went out and had a look at the flats and the windows to make sure I was in the right building. Finally Johana let me in. Turns out she forgot I was coming back late cos of work, and was used to locking the door after she got in, so locked me out! Twas quite funny. And actually not my fault for once that I struggled with getting in. Yay!!

Saturday was an amazing day. I spent the whole day in Merida with Victor, and Paola, Aljendhra and their family. They are some of the people I met at History Makers, and Victor is Johana's brother, and he also went to History Makers. THey showed me round the sights, and the parks and we had a lot of fun and took some groovy photos. :-) Really enjoyed myself. Then we finished the day with yoghurt ice cream sunday thing. Was really yummy. I had chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, coloured stars and chocolate swirls on mine. mmmmmmm. And you get to keep the cups :-)

Today I played padle. It's a Spanish game that is a sort of cross between tennis and squash. It's really fun. I had such a good time. And.... I WON!! yay!! Me and Ana were a team and we won 6 - 2!! :-D Celebration time!! :-D

On Wednesday it's a national holiday. No idea why, but will find out soon I'm sure. :-) I'm being taken to Portugal for the day, as its only 7km away. And I saw Portugal from the road today, tis very close. :-)

I'm really enjoying myself, and absolutely loving Spain.

I will put some pictures up soon :-)

Hopefully I will be starting Spanish lessons tomorrow, so that will be good, and very helpful. :-) I am picking up some Spanish, and people are actually impressed with how quickly I'm picking up Spanish. Yay!

And it's still really hot here!! It's starting to get a bit chilly in the evenings, but it's not that bad. Loving it. This amazing weather is expected to last till November!! Oh yeah! Gutted everyong in England. Enjoy your winter :-P


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Moving Time!!

sunny 33 °C

This week was my second week of teaching. It's going really well. SOme kids are misbehaving but as soon as I threaten them with a black cross on the star chart they are as good as gold for the whole lesson. Yay!! It's been a pretty quiet week really till Friday when I moved into Johana's flat. It's really nice. I started to unpack then decided to go into town and get some of my wages so I could do a food shop. So i got on the bus fine, and then I thought I recognised where I was so got off the bus, only to realise that I was on the wrong side of town and had to walk for 30mins to get to the main part of town. I had no idea where I was going so I just crossed the river, walked past Gypsy town and the bullring then asked for directions. I only recognised two words, but luckily they were the words I needed :-) And I had picked the hottest part of the day to go 'exploring'. Trust me!! Anyway it all worked out ok and I got to town and found my way to the bank. Only, once I got there, it turned out that my pay hadn't gone in yet as it takes 1 to 2 days for money to transfer. Uhoh. Luckily I had some money still so I was ok, but meant I didnt really have much to go food shopping. However, Desmond rang me and said that Gloria, a woman from the church whose children I am tutoring, had invited me to stay over Friday night after tutoring, and to stay Saturday night. That was really nice of her. So I got back on the bus and heading back to Cerra Gordo, where I am staying. Now this was the first time I had walked to the flat by myself from the bus. So I got to the block of flats but my key wouldn't work on the front door. So I decided to start buzzing random doors. Finally someone answered, and I tried in bad Spanish and English to tell him that my key wouldn't work. Finally after 5 minutes of not understanding me, he buzzed me in. I then went to my front door, and again the key wouldnt work. Now I started to panic as I had no credit on my phone and I had no idea what to do. After 5 minutes of trying and failing to open the door, I realised I couldn't hear the dogs barking, and they always bark when someone approaches the door. I then looked around and realised.... I was in the wrong block of flats!! Uhoh. Shame faced I walked to the right block and successfully got into my flat. :-S

I had a really good weekend staying at Gloria and Carlos'. Yurani and Geraldine took me shopping Saturday morning and we had the best waffles ever!! Then we crashed in the front room and watched tv. About 5pm we started practising a dance for a big event happening in Merida soon. Then it was the youth reunion time. Gloria cooked us traditional Columbian food and it was amazing. After we wandered to the the park and practised the dance in the park!! Everyone was staring at us but it was really fun. I then went back to Gloria's and Skyped my mum and dad :-) Sunday was another adventure as it turns out no shops open on a Sunday and no buses run tp Cerra Gordo on a Sunday either. So me and Geraldine, who was coming to mine for lunch, got takeaway pizza and then went to Caroline and Desmonds to eat it. After, Caroline took us to mine as that was the only way to get there.

When I got home, I found the internet wasn't working. :-S Not fun. We no longer have internet in the flat so I am buying a dongle this week. Having major withdrawal symptoms from lack of internet! lol. Monday I went to the bank again, and waited 1 hour just to see ifIi had been paid. Which luckily I had. So I went food shopping. Big mistake by myself. I did a big food shop as had no food then found I couldn't manage to carry it all by myself. :-S Some how I struggle to the bus stop and got on the bus, just as the handle on one of the new shopping bags I brought broke!! I then texted Desmond and he kindly met me at the bus stop in Las Varguadas and helped me take the shopping back to his before work. He then took me home that evening as there is no way I would have managed. I am now covered in bruises on my arms and shoulders and my shoulders are killing me!! Evil shopping. (Never thought I would say that about shopping!! :-O)

I shall wait and see what adventures lie in wait for me this week :-) Hopefully I will get internet in my flat!!! xxx

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