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May 2012

Easter and Baby Sara :-)

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So for Easter I went home for 10 days, and loved every minute! It was such a hectic 10 days tho, non stop every single day, but so good. Got to catch up with all my friends, tho some not as much as i would have liked, and saw my family and my lovely boyfriend :D I went to London a couple of times, and had a great time. I had to go in order to get my Chinese visa so I can go visit my sister. It was a bit of an effort getting it but got it without much problem which is good. Also went to Lincoln to see the awesome Lincoln lot :D Had a lot of fun, even if it rained the whole time lol. I got blamed for the bad weather in the UK haha. As soon as I came home it started raining lol. Had a really nice Easter lunch with my parents, Matt and his parents. It was such a lovely day. :D

Came back to Spain and Rebecca visited me. We had a good 5 days and she got to see what teaching English was like. We explored Badajoz and had lots of fun. :)

The other Friday was Nely's 15th birthday. In Coloumbia and Bolivia, 15th birthday is a really big deal, like 18th in UK. So she had a really big party at the church and had 2 gorgeous dresses. One was like a wedding dress, and she looked beautiful. We all had a lot of fun at the party. I played slapsies with Sebas and ended up with big bruises on my hand hehe.

The weather has been pretty much like English weather at the moment. Constant on off rain, though not as bad as in the UK. Yay! :D

Baby Sara was born today!! :D She weighed about 9.5lbs!! Big baby. She's so cute tho. I haven't seen her yet, but seen loads of photos on FB and she's gorgeous and looks like her parents. Very cute baby..... and she has my name hehehe. :D Can't wait to have lots of cuddles with her. :D

Paula, the daughter of the family I live with, who is 9, is the best swimmer in Extremadura in the Breast stroke and the Butterfly, and she's the 2nd best in the Back stroke. How amazing is that?! She's a very talented swimmer and is doing so well. Her brother, Miguel is also the best in Extremadura in his age group.

It's almost time for the last ever Firm Foundations! :( But I get to go! Yay! And I'm helping the amazing Claire lead the main worship. Hehe. Very excited but very nervous too.

Tomorrow I'm going to a talky conference thingy organised by Oxford University Press. Two authors of two really good books that people use to teach English as a foreign language are giving talks. One of the people is the guy who wrote English File, which is the book I'm using to teach the beginners from church. That class is doing really well and I love teaching them. :) Some of my students are learning Kichwa and taught me some. It's the native language in Peru and it's also spoken in Coloumbia. It's pretty cool learning some of it. Quite similar to Spanish.

I'm having Spanish lessons now. Sonia from church, who is lovely, has a sister who I am teaching English and in return she's teaching me Spanish. It's going pretty well, and people are commenting on how much I've improved. Yay! :D Though, at the moment, I'm learning verbs and grammar. I hate Spanish verbs lol. Spanish verbs are stupid. Hehe. They have a tense that doesn't exist in Spanish, and they also have two verbs for the one verb in English. They have two different verbs that both mean 'to have', two that both mean 'to be', and two that both mean 'to know', and they are the only ones that I currently know about lol. Spanish verbs are definitely evil! Though I'm getting the hang of them, and all I need know is to get more vocabulary. :D

I'm planning my China trip with my sister. Not long now till I go. Getting pretty excited. :D Got lots planned already, and loads more left to plan. It's going to be a great holiday. :D

At church on Sunday we had 4 baptisms. They were amazing. It was so great to see the baptisms. Sonia, who's sister I'm having Spanish-English lessons with, got baptised. She used to go to a gypsy church, the one I visited a little while ago, and the pastor from that church came to her baptism and preached. It was very interesting. After the baptisms, the whole church ate together. We all brought food that we had made, and we had a big picnic in the church. It was really nice.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, like normal. Hehe. Pretty sure that is everything for now tho. :D

God bless xxxx

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