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March 2012


sunny 20 °C

So this week, again, has been uneventful. Working all week mainly. Friday evening was the Generadores meeting, a group for the 18-30s in the church. That was really good. We met at Desmond and Caroline's house and were asked to lead the whole Sunday service one Sunday in May. So we spent most of the evening discussing that. People tried to get me to agree to sing an English song to the church, but yeah that ain't happening. I would deafen everyone haha.
Saturday I went to Merida with my Spanish family. Paula is an amazing swimming, one of the best in the whole of Extremadura, and she had a competition, so we all went along to watch. Miguel grew up in Merida, so he went to get his mum, then took me, Jorge and Miguelito round Merida. Merida was a major Roman city so has loads of ruins. There's an ampitheatre, theatre, temple, museum and other stuff. It was pretty cool to see. I've been to Merida before but hadn't got to look at the ampitheatre or museum. It was really interesting. Definitely recommend it. Paula won all the competitions she was in that day.
Sunday at church there was a Benefica for the youth. They had all cooked a big meal together for the whole church and arranged for some people in the church to entertain after the food in order to raise money so they could go on the big youth events in Extremadura. It was really good and we had yummy Columbian food. It was a fun day.

Now, all this week there has been a wasp at my window, and it keeps trying to get in. Then it flies away and comes back later with a friend. Then they fly away and come back later with another friend, and so on. I've had about 6 wasps everyday now stalking me through my window haha. I think I've found out why. Turns out there's a hole in my window frame that they manage to wriggle into, and I think they are making a nest. Bit creepy. :-S Evil stalkerish wasps haha.

I'm back in the UK this week for Easter! :D Can't wait. Though it means I miss out on the Badajoz chocolate festival! :(

God bless


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Big Fat Gypsy Church

sunny 25 °C

So I was invited to a Spanish Gypsy church a couple of Sundays and I loved it! It was really interesting. The men and women have to sit on other sides of the room, and they aren't really allowed to talk in the church to each other. The men can talk to other men, and women to other women, but not men to women. This is because women are thought to distract men. Women also have to be careful with what they wear. The people were really friendly too, and invited us to eat with them afterwards, as after every service they all go and eat together.
Last Sunday I went to the country with a different church that my friends, Holly, Abraham, Az and Abbey run, they are all English teachers too, and they invited me to their church for a bbq in the country. :) It was my third bbq this year, one a month so far. Def need to keep this up, one bbq every month hehe.
Not much else has really happened. Just working and seeing people and counting down till I'm back in the UK for Easter.
Though it was funny in class yesterday. I had a wobbly chair, and cos I'm a wally I kept wobblying it slightly when I sat on it. So needless to say it decided to collapse on me during a class. It was so funny. Apparently my face was hilarious. The whole class cracked up laughing. Luckily it didn't hurt my ribs any more. Grateful for that.
So yeah pretty average two weeks really. Looking forward so much to coming home to see family, friends, and a certain person. :)
I've been planning China with my sister, so really looking forward to that too. :D
About it really.
Hope everyone is good.
God bless

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sunny 25 °C

This week has been eventful to say the least. Started off like a normal week with work and chilling in the lovely sun. Then came Thursday...... I was invited to a friends house for lunch, so got on the bus for the 30 min ride, had a great lunch with friends and practised my Spanish, then went to get the bus to work. Went to get on the bus, and the driver decided to shut the doors on me! Literally on me, sooooooo painful! Went to work, took painkillers, then by the evening the pain was so bad I was taken to hospital. Turns out I have a cracked rib! Ouch! :( I'm ok apart from the constant pain.
Saturday was a pretty good day. Went to another friends house for lunch, then off to Caceres in the evening for the YWAM graduation. It was great to see my friends graduate from an awesome programme, loved it. And I may be doing the same next year......
Sunday I went to Olivenza with the family I live with. This weekend was the first Bull fighting weekend in the whole of Spain. Apparently it's very famous and lots of famous bull fighters come to fight with bulls. So I decided to go watch it. The family don't like it, so they wandered around Olivenze while I was in the Plaza de Torros. It was pretty interesting, and I did enjoy it. Though I hated it when they hurt and killed the bull. Seemed unnecessary to be honest. The rest of the time though it just looked like they were dancing with the bull, which was pretty cool. I was sat next to two old Spanish ladies, who explained to me what was happening and what to do at certain times, like wave a white hanky when the ear is cut off. And guess who was watching the bull fight?! The President of Spain!! He was sat opposite me so took some sneaky pictures hehe.
So pretty much a good week, though it has been tainted by pain. Hopefully the pain will go soon. :) Just got a relaxing week this week so that should help.
Oh yeah, the weather has been amazing!! Hehe
God Bless

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