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January 2012

No room at the inn......There's only FIVE bathrooms! :)

sunny 20 °C

So I have fully moved into my new house. I now live with a Spanish family, whose three children go to the academy, and I teach two of them. It's really nice here. The house is massive!! There are five bathrooms, five bedrooms, two kitchens and dining rooms, a massive garage and a massive kids playroom, a living room and a swimming pool! It's gorgeous. The family are really lovely and I feel at home here. I've been back at work for just over a week, and it's going well. The kids were a bit rowdy last week as it was the first week back after Christmas, but they are settling down now.

Church is going really well. On Friday, two people, Henry and Luzdenia, were inaugarated as Pastors of the church in La Rocca de Sierra. :-) It was really great, and they were so moved. They are lovely people. This weekend, we also had visitors from a church we are linked to in Ghandia, Valencia. Daniel Chumurro and his wife, the youth worker Christian and his wife Raquel and their daughter Paula, and two youths Carlojan and Christian, all came for the weekend. They led three services, one on Friday, Saturday for the youth, and Sunday. Daniel and his wife also did two workshops. One on being a servant leader, and one on worship. It was really good. Christian, Raquel, Carlojan and Christian led the youth service Saturday evening. All the youth were so moved and several gave their lives to Christ. It was a such a great weekend.

My Spanish is improving. Finally! :-) I'm getting better at understanding what people say, and I even managed to have a long conversation in Spanish, without any help!! Very proud of myself. Haha :-)

I'm really happy and content. Everything is going so well, and that's all thanks to God. I do miss the UK and certain people though. :-(

The weather is pretty good. The wind was cold today, but otherwise it's always sunny. :-) Normally at least 20 degrees in the day. Yay! :-)

One of my students, who I teach one on one is pregnant!! So happy for her. Her and her partner are so lovely and are very excited about the baby. I saw the scan, and saw it's little nose and arms. It was soooo cute. :-)

I hope everyone is well.

God bless. xxxx

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Christmas at home!

sunny 16 °C

So I got to spend Christmas and New Years at home and I loved it. I'd been missing everyone so was really good to see everyone and catch up. I did miss Spain though.

Christmas was great, I got to spend it with my family, though not with my sister Rachel as she was selfishly in Thailand for Christmas! :-P (Hehe joking Rach :-P) It was weird without Rach, but was still a good day. I cooked the christmas dinner, and we had a yummy four bird roast. Mmmmmmm :-)

While I was home for the two weeks, I was in a lot of demand. So popular I know. :-P I got to see everyone...I think. I went to Lincoln for a couple of days and had a great girlie catch up with Rebecca. I also got to Snotty, Sam and Deanie and of course my lovely Claire and Thorpo and others. It was a really good trip. Enjoyed it a lot. Also got to go to Gosport while I was back and saw my Grandparents and my Aunty Angela. I got a toy car in the cracker and it turned out to be a good omen! :-)

I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!!!!! So excited. Finally passed it. So people better beware hehehe.

I also got my hair re-dyed and my long awaited new tattoo! :-)

I did loads these past two weeks and it was so good. I of course went on a shopping spree hehe.

I'm know writing this from gorgeous Lisbon where I have spent the day, and I will go to Badajoz tomorrow.

I'm really going to miss some people a lot, of course :-)

Sure I should have more to say...... So forgetful.

It has been a great couple of weeks. I am looking forward to going back to Spain as love it there too. Need to find a way to be in two places at once. :-P


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