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Trip to China and the final week in Spain

(very very very late post :P)

So I'm clearly forgetful and totally forgot to write about my trip to China and my last week in Spain. Clearly useless :P

So I jetted off to China for 2 weeks to see my sister who is living out there at the moment. Unfortunately, a couple of days before I was due to go, I got tonsilitus. :( So that meant going on a 2 day journey being ill. Yep... 2 days!! It took me 2 days to get to China! Such a fun journey. I had to get a coach to Madrid, then a taxi to the airport. Then flew to Dubai, and had to stay in the airport for 10 hours!! Luckily, they do a tour into Dubai if you're stuck in the airport for more than 8 hours. Unluckily... I was stuck there in the middle of the night, so no chance of going out. There's only so much you can do in an airport for 10 hours. Surprsingly I got bored. :P I finally got to Hong Kong, where I had to get a taxi limo thing to the Chinese border in Shenzhen where I met my sister. I then had to get a taxi to her place. Finally..... The journey had finished!!

But the night was not over.... My sister managed to get herself locked, yes locked, in her bathroom. It was hilarious! I had to try and ring people who spoke English adn Chinese, but their phones were off. So I wondered down to the lobby to the guard with a Chinese-English dictionary and had to act out that she was stuck in the loo and we needed a locksmith. Finally he understood and called someone who eventually managed to get her out. It was so so funny, couldn't stop laughing. She was clearly so happy to see me that she got locked in the loo :P

The rest of the trip wasn't as eventful as that, luckily. We travelled around China and went to Beijing and Xian and saw so much. We climbed the Great Wall of China, saw the Terracota Army. We went to a Dumpling meal and saw loads of amazing acts of traditional Chinese performance. We had a traditional crispy duck banquet and saw the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace and lots of other amazing things. We also did lots and lots of shopping, of course. :) There was a great art village we went to and there was so much amazing art work, too much to choose from. What I did really want was way to big to bring back. :( But managed to find some nice little pics that I liked. I even got myself a handmade chinese silk dress. It's gorgeous :) We ate lots of yummy food as well. We then went to Macau and stayed in the Venecian which was a nice resort. Lots of things to do. We went for a nosey in the Hard Rock resort as well. :) While we were in Macau, we went on a trip to the old part of Macau, which was really interesting and gorgeous. It was interesting to see the big contrast between old and new Macau.

After Macau we went to Hong Kong and I had the biggest ever plate of Nachos!! That was all I ordered but couldn't even manage it all. They were so yummy tho. In Hong Kong, we climbed up to the largest free standing Buddhist in the world and saw Shaolin Monks perform live!! They were amazing. So incredible and talented. Even got a photo with them! :) I'd been saying the whole trip that I wanted to go and see the Shaolin Monks perform, and Rach thought it wouldn't really be possible but we got lucky and they were performing while we were in Hong Kong at the Giant Buddha. That made my day. :)

Unfortunately, during the 2nd week in China, my tonsilitus returned and wasn't fun. :( I wasn't able to get any medicine till we got to Hong Kong. Least I could still enjoy China. :) I also went to see the biggest Chinese football match of the season. Beijing against the current winners, can't remember who oppsie, but the team we were supporting, the current champions, won! Yay. The football pitch looked smaller than a regular pitch. And, when the fans didn't agree with the Ref, they chucked all their full drinks and food at the pitch! It was pretty funny. We also saw the Beijing fans start fighting between themselves. It was a pretty interesting match.

After China I went back to Spain for my final week. That was very sad. :( I said goodbye to everyone and had lots of fun in my last week. It was very sad. On my last day, the Sunday, I went to church and they threw me a surprise leaving party and had made me a cake and got me presents. It was so sweet and sad. I cried. The church as a whole got me pressies and then some families individually did as well. I spent the day out with people, and it was really nice. Some families were demanding that I stay with them when I come back to visit which is so sweet. I can't wait to go back and visit them all.

Packing to come home was a nightmare. I had 2 massive suitcases, both overweight, and I had to post myself a box of my stuff home. Very expensive moving back home. I clearly shop too much hehe.

Since I've been back in the UK, I've helped with History Makers UK, and led a couple of sessions. I was so nervous, but luckily God was with me and gave me the words to say. I lvoed being able to be involved in History Makers again. I have also got a job as an SEN Teacher's Assistant and I love it. And... I've been selected to go with GB and some other members to Global Gathering in South Africa next year. So excited!! :D Global Gathering is a big cmap where members from GB all over the world will meet up. Really can't wait. So got lots and lots of fundraising to do.

Think that's pretty much all up to date now. :D

Enjoy xxx

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