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So it's been about a month since I last wrote anything, and a lot has happened. (Don't expect me to remember it all though hehe)

The other week was the Badajoz Book Festival. It was pretty cool. It's a week long and there are loads of bookstalls. Kids from all the schools go each day to look at the books and to have stories read to them. The churches had a bookstall and they did really well. I had fun walking round it. There was Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, and The Little Prince in Spanish. I so wanted to buy them all. Hehe. I was good though and only got 2 cookery books. :)

18th May was a great day because............ I met Matt in Lisbon!! :D So excited. Matt came all the way to Spain to spend my birthday with me! :D We spent the Friday in Lisbon and travelled back to Badajoz on my birthday. We had such a great time in Lisbon, it was so relaxing. On my birthday, we just chilled and had the best chicken and chips in Spain, then we went out for a really nice meal in the evening. Matt was here for 12 days. We went to Museums, shopping, chilling, walking, talking, swimming etc. It was so much fun, laughed loads. It was sad when Matt had to go back to England. :(

But....... The Friday after Matt went home, I returned to the UK for the week for the one and only amazing FIRM FOUNDATIONS!!! For those who don't know, FF is a really big Christian festival that happens every year, but this year was the last year ever!! :( Hundreds of youth from all over the UK come to it with their youth groups and GB/BB groups. I was so honoured to be asked to help at FF this year. My job was to co-host the main worship sessions. It was so much fun. Claire and Lorne were the main hosts, myself, Tom and Shaun were the co-hosts. As it's almost the Olympics, we had the FF Mighty Oylpmic Games. Me and Tom lead the 2 teams, it was funny. The first night was a big group competition, my side of the tent vs Tom's side. They had to get 2 beach balls through 2 tiny hoops and back to the front. My side won of course! :D Saturday morning we had teams. One GB and one BB leader was chosen, then a girl and a boy. I had the girls team, Tom had the boys team. We had to dress in high vis jackets, hard hats and safety gloves, then hop up and down the whole tent on space hoppers. Was hilarious. I kept falling off. I had to take my flip flops (yes flip flops in a muddy wet field :P) off and I ended up getting carpet burns on my feet. :S Unfortunately the boys won... Def a set up hehe. The 2 teams then had the task of memorising 10 memory verses throughout the day for the WWJD Bible Boxing match in the evening worship. The Bible boxing match was awesome.... and of course the girls won! We clearly rock! Hehe. The boys then had to dance for 1 min to ABBA, while we ate sweets and shared them out in the tent. :D Saturday morning I also got to pray for the speaker, Mark Greenwood, and to read his Bible verses. Mark was an awesome speaker, well all the speakers were amazing. So good and the talks were bang on. Friday night we had Ian Lancaster from Christians In Sport do the talk. Saturday night was Chip K from thebandwithnoname, and I got to interview him. It was interesting interviewing a famous Christian singer in front of hundreds of people. I also got to pray for him before he did his talk. For his Bible reading, he wanted me and Tom to act it out. It was David and Goliath. The audience got to vote for who was David and who was Goliath. Guess who they voted me to be...... GOLIATH! Haha. Was good though. Kept laughing through it haha. Sunday morning we didnt have time for the Mighty Olympics but we still picked our teams for teh Bible Boxing. Me and Tom then decided to do a hostile take over and make Lorne and Claire do the Bible Boxing instead of us. The boys won it though.... Def a stitch up. Claire and the team had to eat chillis haha. Glad I wasn't there :P As well as the main worship there were workshops, activities and competitions throughout the day and night. On Saturday morning we gave out Jubilee New Testaments to every person, and to make it more personalised we wrote their names on it in permanent marker. On Sunday we High Fived everyone, and Monday they got bracelets. It was a great way to welcome them into the worship. I had such a blonde moment with my Jubilee bible. I picked it up after evening worship with my other bible, and was holding it in my arm. A little while later I looked round and was like 'Uh I can't find my bible.' People helped me look..... Then I realised it was in my arm. Hehehe. I also spent the whole of Saturday tripping over everything. Was funny. As I came from Spain, I only had flip flops with me. Yeah I was a bit optimistic about the weather. I did have dolly shoes but knew they would get ruined in the rain and mud, so stuck to my flip flops lol. My feet were covered in mud. It took 3 really massive washes and constant scrub to remove all the mud. FF mud is tough! It was amazing to be involved with such a fantastic festival and to see how it affected every person who went to it. I was so gutted to have to leave early, I went back to Spain on the Sunday night, but so grateful to have been involved. Def hope they rebirth it. :)

Next year is GB's 120th anniversary, and I'm planning my district's event. It's going well so far. We are having a party for the 2 younger sections, and a big concert for the 2 older sections. Managed to get 2 great bands and Mark Greenwood who spoke at FF to speak at the concert. Never organised anything like this, so wish me luck, gonna need it. Plus any advise would be great.

I've almost finished my time here in Spain. Very sad at that thought, but am looking forward to going home. Really going to miss everyone here tho. Next week is my last week teaching, then I have one more week in Spain, followed by 2 weeks in China to see my sister, then one week back in Spain to say goodbye. Time has gone way way way too quickly. Can't believe I've been here for a school year. Will be good to get home tho and get back into GB, cos miss that too. Def going to come and visit everyone here a lot. They won't be able to get rid of me hehe. The people I've met, especially in the church, have become a family to me. They are awesome people.

I saw baby Sara the other Sunday in church and got a massive cuddle hehe. Love it. Was well excited to see her.

Oooo. The weather has been amazing. Def been getting my tan on! :D

I have a feeling I've missed loads. Def going senile haha.

God bless


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Meant Ian Anderson from Christians In Sport. Oopsie, bad at names. Least I got the Ian part right haha x

by semily89

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