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Feeding the 5000...

...And my first week teaching

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Well this was my first week teaching and I was very nervous!! Luckily everything went smoothly. :-) The only incident in the class was on Tuesday night during my last class when we all got attacked by a MASSIVE daddylonglegs!! Evil creature!! The three pupils, including the two guys, and of course myself, got vey freaked out by it. Surprisingly, it was the girl who offered to kill the stupid creature. And it was stupid as it kept head butting the door!! :-P

Caroline and Desmond spoke to me on Friday about how they thought I was doing and they are very impressed with me. Yay!! *WARNING!! BIG HEAD ALERT!!* They said I am mangaing really well and have done amazingly at keeping the classes under control. because even they and some of the other teachers have had problems controlling some of them!! Also, I have introduced a star chat to them which they all love, including the secondary classes who demanded to have one :-P

This week I haven't gone out as much as I have been teaching and planning, but I did manage to escape into Badajoz Tuesday morning. I was set with the task of going to the Police Station by myself to collect my Residence Card thingy, then I had to go to the bank by myself to pay, then back to the Police Station. When I returned to the Police Station after visiting the bank, a nice lady did her best to speak to me and inform me where the back of the queue I needed was. Unfortunately, I managed to really annoy her, without realising or meaning to. I was sitting in the queue, and the lady who had seen to me before saw that I had come back and summoned me to the front of the queue as I merely had to get my card, which took no longer than a minute. This other lady who was in the queue in front of me hadn't seen that I had been summoned so thought I had queue jumped and had a go at me!! Oopsie. Afterwards I explored Badajoz by myself, and brought a Spanish sim card and found my way back to the church by myself!! :-) And I didn't get lost!!! Yay! (But I did have a map :-) )

Friday I met Johana by the church, she is 20 years old and is living by herself in her parents house, as her family had to move and she had to stay in Badajoz because of her education. So she is looking for a room mate and wants me! No idea why :-P So I had a look at the flat and its really nice. She has two dogs, and they kept demanding to sit on my lap hehe. So I will be moving in with her next Friday. I was amazed at how cheap it is!! Johana and her family are part of the church that Caroline and Desmond set up. They also set up another one about 45 minutes away, which is where Johana's family have gone as her parents have taken over running the second church.

Friday evening I had my first private tutor session. :-) It went well. I was hired by an adult to just sit and talk with her in English for 1 hour. Nice and easy :-) I then chillaxed and watched Freedom Writers. Love that movie so much!! WATCH IT :-P

Saturday I went food shopping with Caroline and managed to top up my mobile by myself. I then had friends round for a pool party in the afternoon. My 'friend' Yurani decided to push me, fully clothed, into the pool!! It was soooo funny :-) So to get my own back, I filled a 2 litre bottle with water and chucked it over the seven guests. Hehe!! :-) Then it was the Youth Reunion group thing at the church, which was really good. I actually spoke some Spanish, with help from the translator on my phone, and from Geraldine or can speak a little bit of Spanish. And I read Spanish from the Bible :-)

Today, Sunday, I didn't end up going to church as I stayed in and got the roast dinner ready. Caroline and Desmond had invited a family of six over for lunch, and asked me to cook a traditional English Roast dinner. It was the first time the family had had Roast Dinner. Two of their children couldn't come, so I cooked for seven of us in total, and they loved it!! I did burn the yorkshire puddings, but I had made Stuffing from scratch. Also, on Saturday I had made the amazing Cookie and Cream chocolate brownies, which got wolfed down by anyone who tried them. :-) Apparently I am now going to be 'invited' by loads of people to cook for them!! Eeeeeeek :-S

One of the young people, Richard, who I had met at History Makers, has been given an amazing opportunity to attend YWAM. YWAM is a Missionary training programme, and that is what Richard realised was his calling from God. The people from the church have been amazing and have pledged money each month to pay for Richard to go. :-) Another guy from History Makers, Miguel, has also had help from his church and is able to go to. So the young people of the church had a party for Richard this afternoon, which I went to after the roast. I tried to steal Santiago's tortise but wouldn't let me. :-( We even had a pretend fight for it hehe.

Oooooo the fruit and veg here is mahoooosive!!! Seriously. One pepper is the size of my face!!!! :-O I have photographic evidence :-)

Oh, when I cooked the roast, I did so much that there was enough left over for the family to take home for another meal for the six of them, and for us to have it with a guest tonight and for lunch tomorrow!!!

I met a missionary from Argentina today. He has had a calling from God to come and do missionary work in Spain, so he is spending some time here and trying to find exactly where in Spain God wants him. So he joined us for tea tonight.

I think that's all, but knowing me I've forgotten something. If I have you'll find out in my next post... that's if I actually remember!! :-)


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Wow! What a time your having in Espania! ;)

I have to tell you that freedom writers is a new favourite of mine and Rosie's. We were riveted. We both really cheered at the end when they got their teacher to stay with them. Very moving. Rosie noticed that the 'horrible' woman at the school was no other than Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potters Order of the Phoenix!!

Really glad your doing so well - learn more spanish and you'll be able to explain to local folk that you really are lovely and you don't push in front of queues lol

Love Yvonne and Rosie xx

by yvonne

I´m loving it here so much :-) I´m glad you and Rosie love Freedom Writers, it´s such an inspirational film and so moving. I really want to read their book. Haha I knew I recognised her, just couldn´t place her. Well done Rosie for spotting it :-) Haha that would be a good idea, I felt a bit bad that she thought I was being mean. She looked so angry. Hope you are both well. Love Sarah xxx

by semily89

Loving your blog posts Sarah! You are doing a fantastic job - amazing lady! I am inspired by YOU - your courage and trust in God.

Please private mail me your new address!

by Claire

Thanks Claire :-) Glad you are enjoying my blog. I'm loving writing it and experiencing new things. You inspire me too Claire. You are doing so much amazing work through GB for God!!

I will do when I know it :-P xxx

by semily89

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