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How to open a bottle of wine Spanish style... or not :-P

And of course, my first day of teaching

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I thought I would write tonight as today was my first ever day teaching!! Scary stuff. Also, I have to share the best way EVER to open a bottle of wine :-)

Oh, I forgot to say in my last post that after Sunday lunch, when I got back at 9.30pm, I didn't have a key, and Caroline and Desmond were out walking. :-S Luckily for me, the back gate hadn't shut properly so I was able to get into the garden but no further. And my phone battery was about to die!! I had just enough time to ring Desmond and say that I was in the back garden before my phone was in dire need of a burial :-P So i decided to wait for their return by dipping my feet in the pool and reading a book by moonlight. :-) I'm not having much luck with keys at the moment. I didn't have keys on me as the ones they did give me didn't work. Oopsie :-S

Anyway, today I had my first lessons and I was soooooo nervous. I was meant to have 5 lessons, but the last two classes, having only two people in each, didn't happen so I managed to get some more planning done. :-) The classes went quite well. Luckily the children didn't struggle too much with not being allowed to speak Spanish, and they really took to my Star Chart. Some of them did try and misbehave a bit by talking too much, but they werent too bad. Nothing eventful happened, which I'm very grateful for. Looking foward to tomorrows classes, but a bit nervous still as they are different levels to todays classes, so again, a whole new experience.

Now for the lesson on 'How to open a bottle of wine, Spanish style.... or not'!!!

Caroline wanted to celebrate my first day of lessons with me, so she decided to open a bottle of red wine. However, normally Desmond opens the wine, so she struggled with the cork screw. I of course came to the rescue, but then wasn't needed as she managed to work it out. However, when pulling the cork out, it snapped in half. :-S Not too bad really, but there's more. Caroline then handed me the cork screw and asked me to try and get the rest out. So I tried... and failed miserably!! Every time I tried to shove the cork screw into the cork, the cork moved further and further down the neck of the bottle. Again, not too bad, but it stopped any wine coming out, which of course is a major disaster!! :-P So we decided to just shove the cork all the way down to get to the wine. Well, the cork screw only pushed it so far, so I came up with the ingenious idea of using a sharp knife to push it further. I did succeed in pushing the cork into the bottle, but in doing so, I created a fountain of wine, and showered Caroline, myself and the kitchen in red wine!! That isn't all. After some mopping up, I poured the cork flavoured wine into our glasses, and extracted the pieces of cork from them. What I didn't realise was that the whole time of pouring the wine, I had dropped the knife into the bottle!! So we had cork flavoured sharp wine!! Hehe. Caroline and myself were in hysterics. To get the knife out, we had to pour the whole bottle into a bowl, then the wine in the bowl into a jug, as the bottle still had cork in it!! At least it no longer had a knife in it!!

So there is your lesson on the best way to open wine. :-)


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Dude that's too funny! If the cork ever snaps in half again, when you go to rescue the other half from the bottle - DO NOT PUSH... Place the screw onto the cork and just keep turning it until the screw 'bites' - then judge it and let the screw go into the cork about twi thirds into it BUT - EVEN WHEN IT BITES DONT PUSH!!! You have to to do this in a gentle and lady like manner Emily :P <3 xxx

by Jemiiiimah

Haha thought you might like it Jemimah. I didn't mean to push, but how else was I meant to get the cork screw (or knife) into the rest of the cork?? :-P I am clearly not ladylike enough :-( It was so funny. Definately the best way to open a bottle of wine. You should try it :-P xxxx

by semily89

You were right I found that hilarious so did Dad. Perhaps you need lessons on how to open a bottle of wine, as well as Spainish lessons lol. Remind me never to ask you to open a bottle of wine, glad Caroline found it funny, was any thing stained. When are you next having a shower with red wine? I'll make sure I'm not near by. Glad every thing is going ok, good luck for today's lessons too.
Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

by Anne Dillon

Haha thought you and dad would. I think i definately need to take a class in opening wine bottles lol. Luckily all the stains came out :-) she thought it was hilarious too. haha im not going to warn you :-P Thank you. the lessons are going well I think :-) Love me xxxxxxxxxx

by semily89

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